Know about menopause in men Symptoms and how to deal with them correctly

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Menopause can occur in both females and males. Many people may not know that men also experience menopause. It’s just that they won’t be found as often as women. Menopause in men is not much different from women. Today we bring everyone to understand about menopause in men. Ready how to handle it? If such a situation occurs If you’re ready, follow us and see.

Know about menopause in men Symptoms and how to deal with them correctly

Understanding menopause in men

Menopause or (Golden age) is an age in which both physical and mental health And the mind will be weakened by the deterioration of the body with increasing age. Resulting in impaired functioning of hormones in the body Which affects the work of various organs in the body, causing mood swings, hot flashes, and various symptoms that follow. Factors that cause menopause earlier than normal are genetics, working hard, not getting enough rest, stress, including drinking alcohol and smoking. Chronic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, etc.

What are the symptoms of menopause in men?

Menopausal symptoms in males There will be a decrease in hormone levels. according to increasing age The decrease in hormones affects the body gradually. Symptoms that are common in menopausal men are:

– Physical symptoms are Have symptoms of fatigue It’s hot, it’s cold, I can’t sleep, my energy starts to decrease. Like to have body aches for no apparent reason. not energetic The muscles in the body decrease.

– Psychological symptoms are will feel bored no motivation No goals in life, stressed, sad, lonely, easily angry, easily irritated, complaining, feeling resentful, doesn’t want to go anywhere, wants to be alone, lacks concentration, decreased memory, especially short-term memory.

– Sexual health, sexual performance and decreased sexual desire. This is because testosterone levels are what stimulates sexual feelings. and when testosterone levels decrease Thus causing sexual desire to decrease as well.

How to deal with menopausal symptoms?

Men should prepare for the upcoming changes. Starting by paying more attention to food, reducing sweet, oily, and salty foods to avoid symptoms of various diseases. Exercise regularly for at least 150 minutes a week. Get adequate rest at least 6 – 8 hours a day. Refrain from drinking, smoking, and avoiding stress. And you should go for regular physical examinations to check for common diseases. In order to be able to treat diseases from the early stages such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, enlarged prostate, etc.

Because menopause is a matter of natural decline in health. What we can do It is to prepare yourself by maintaining your health and exercising regularly. Get enough rest. Ready to avoid smoking alcoholic beverages and eat nutritious food Although we cannot overcome menopause. But you can manage your life and health to be perfect.