The symptom of “swelling” tells about the disease. Where is the swelling? What kind of disease is it?

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If there is pain and swelling in any organ area. It is often a prominent symptom of inflammation, bruising, or possibly an internal bone fracture. But if you are sure that that part of your body has not been affected, Not swollen from inflammation Please try to assume a little more. It may be a sign of some serious disease.

The symptom of "swelling" tells about the disease. Where is the swelling? What kind of disease is it?

Swollen stomach

The position of the stomach is quite wide. But if the stomach is noticeably swollen It may be a symptom of ascites. which is a side effect of cirrhosis In addition, if any part of the stomach is swollen and a lump is felt. It could be a tumor, cyst, or cancerous lump. (In ยูฟ่าเบท case of other symptoms such as weight loss, physical deterioration or pain in the said area as well)

Swollen legs

If it is just one leg swollen It may be assumed that the veins in the legs are blocked. Dangerous, must see a doctor

Swollen feet

In addition to body weight that exceeds the standard or pregnant women That causes the feet to be used so hard that the feet are already swollen. It may also be a side effect of kidney disease, liver disease, and rheumatic heart disease. or malnutrition

Swollen throat

A swollen throat is a symptom of many diseases. including diseases related to the thyroid, mumps, enlarged lymph nodes Lymphoma Or there may be a lump. or cysts in the throat If there is so much swelling that it becomes difficult to swallow food You should see a doctor immediately.

Swollen face

In addition to mumps, which may make your face look swollen. It may be a symptom of a severe allergic reaction to the drug. or allergic to certain types of food But if the face is slightly swollen It could be because you eat too much sodium (salt) or you’ve gained weight.

Additionally, if there is swelling in other areas of the body, it may be a side effect of certain medications. Swelling from an accident that happened without you knowing it. swelling from infection Swelling from excess water in the body In most cases, the area is swollen. When pressed, it will dent. If there is no depression at all, it may be a symptom of a blockage in the lymphatic tract. Even though it’s rare, if you’re not sure You should see a doctor immediately for a thorough physical examination.