Basic terms used of playing poker cards

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Even if it’s playing through online casino But the terminology used remains the same. So it’s important that we know what they mean. And what to do, in which in the UFABET game of poker , the words that are often heard often will be

Basic terms used of playing poker cards
  • Call is to place bets accordingly. It is a bet equal to the maximum bet on the table in that round. Let’s say if a player bets 10 units. Which at that time is the highest bet. If we make a call then we have to bet 10 units as well.
  • Check is asking to pass that round. The condition of the check is that there must be a bet equal to the maximum bet on the table. If someone has increased the bet (Raise) previously, we will have to call before we can check.
  • Raise is the highest bet on the table. If a player wants to play in the next round, everyone needs to raise their stake equally. to achieve equality
  • Fold is to discard cards when you don’t want to continue playing. There is no set discard in which rounds. Want to throw away at any time, only bets already placed will not be returned.
  • All-in also known as “Pour the whole lap” mostly occurs in two cases. If you are not confident that your cards are very good. You want to bluff other people that you have superior cards. This can also be done in the event that the stake is already low. and the stakes are not enough For the prize money if winning will be more or less according to the amount of money that goes down only.
  • Bet means bet.
  • Pot refers to the pot that is derived from the stake each player places. and will only belong to the winner

There are also terms related to playing position as follows.

  • Button refers to a button or symbol that indicates the position of the player. and will continue to cycle in a clockwise direction
  • Big blind (BB ) refers to a player who is forced to place a maximum bet of a specific game, e.g. the table is set to bet no more than 10 units. A BB player must bet 10 units.
  • Small blind (SB) means a player is forced to wager half of the table’s maximum bet, e.g. a table is limited to a maximum bet of 10 units, an SB player is only required to bet 5 units. no more no less
  • Dealer means the last player to be dealt. It is considered the best position because it has the opportunity to see the behavior of other players first.