4 Dangerous Signs: It’s Time for Root Canal Treatment

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Who has never had to have root canal treatment? I don’t know how difficult it is. It’s not a matter of pain. because that matter is petty But the pain lies in the cost of root canal treatment. which caused the savings that had been accumulated throughout his life to disappear in a row, tens of thousands If you can’t cure it, you won’t be able to. because the toothache was tormenting all over the jaw It’s not delicious to eat and most importantly, the root of the UFABET tooth is near the nerve. If you let go can be transmitted to the functioning of the brain Small things will instantly become big things.

What kind of symptoms began to signal us that ′′ Our roots are about to get bad ′′ Let’s observe ourselves.

4 Dangerous Signs: It's Time for Root Canal Treatment


  1. toothache

There are different levels of toothache. But it’s definitely not a good symptom. In fact, whether it’s a little pain or a lot of pain, we shouldn’t ignore toothache. Only if it is a severe symptom that reaches the root of the tooth and what it is It will be a slight toothache, once in a while, but there is constant pain. for unknown reasons or may be a throbbing pain at night before going to bed, etc.

  1. very sensitive teeth

Eat both hot and cold food, such as hot tea, ice-cold ice cream, and then have a very sensitive tooth. The pain was so bad that it could not be tolerated. Have to swallow food into the throat. or use the tongue to push out that food Get out of that tooth area as quickly as possible. because I can’t stand it anymore

  1. Tooth pain or pain when biting or chewing with that tooth

while opening his mouth to bite the bread Chew shaved ice Tear the chicken out of the fibula. or chewing fruit But pushing the toothache or cracking down to the depths of the mermaid This is also not a good sign.

  1. Cracked teeth / Severe tooth decay

If your tooth hurts a lot and noticed that the teeth had cracks or have more severe decay than before. It’s a sign that it’s almost time for root canal treatment. Because most of these symptoms mean that the tooth is broken or that the tooth has decayed so much that it penetrates the tooth cavity.

If any of the following dangerous signs should see a dentist as soon as possible.

How to do root canal treatment?

Usually, the dentist removes the inflamed dentin. or get infected first. Then start cleaning the roots of the teeth. and drop the medicine into the root canal. Then cover the teeth with temporary fillings first. to prevent re-infection (If the filling is loose or broken, you should see a doctor immediately before the infection reappears.)

After that, the dentist will make an appointment to come and check regularly. Until you are sure that the root of the tooth is no longer inflamed. Then gradually close the root canal permanently again for further restoration of the teeth After this, the restoration of each person’s teeth may be different. According to the condition of the remaining good teeth, such as fillings, abutments, or crowns

Things to do after root canal treatment

At first, there may still be some toothache. But the symptoms will gradually improve after that, try not to use your teeth to chew. or biting hard food and too sticky Because we don’t have many real teeth left. The rest is the replacement. Therefore, it may become brittle, crack or fall off if not careful. In addition, root canal treatment may take time. Should visit the dentist as scheduled every time. Because if you don’t go to check on time May cause the treatment to not be effective. And there is a risk of losing that tooth permanently.