The elite league canceled the ‘kneeling’ before the game, but still used some occasions.

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English Premier League football kneeling canceled before the game. After being used since 2020 to take a stand against racism. But will still be used for some matches. Such as the cup final first and last match of the UFABET league.

20 captains in the English Premier League unanimously voted that. There will be no more kneeling before games against racism. Starting from the 2022-2023 season after two years of practice. But still determined to fight the issue of racial discrimination and will arrange kneeling on occasion.

The elite league canceled the 'kneeling' before the game, but still used some occasions.

Top league Kicking players to their knees from the 2020-2021 season. To take a stand against racism for the Black Lives Matter campaign following George Floyd a black American. He was arrested by the police by holding his knees down for a while. Until he was unconscious and died in May 2020 

However, there are some players that. The act did not dampen racism, including Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha  Brentford striker Ivan Tony and Marcos Alonso. Chelsea left-back, which makes many The captains have already begun to discuss the cancellation of the kneeling before the game. until the conclusion came out

“We have decided to pick a key moment to kneel between the seasons to highlight our unity against all forms of racism. And in doing so, we continue to show solidarity. We remain firmly committed to eradicating racial bias. and lead to an inclusive society with equal respect and opportunity for all,” said the Premier League captain.

However, kneeling in some matches There will be the first and final matches of the season, Boxing Day, the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals , as well as during the No Room anti-racism campaign. for Racism in October and March as well