Other terms commonly found in online casinos about poker cards

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In addition to playing poker through an online casino system We often see some of the following terms.

  • Ace high means a set of cards with no pairs, but with A as the guard.
  • Backdoor means not aligning the cards in the flop round, but using the Turn and River cards to form a Flush or Straight suit.
  • Bankroll refers to money set aside by a player to play a particular poker game.
  • Best hand means the player with the best hand at that moment.
  • Big slick means AK cards.
  • Bullet means AA pair.
  • Button means a symbolic button that tells the position of the player. Only Big blind, Small blind and Dealer. These buttons will cycle to all players. clockwise to balance the game
  • Cash game means playing with cash.
  • Cash out means playing by exchanging betting chips.
  • Cow boy means KK pair.
  • Gut shot refers to cards that have a jump in the middle, such as 2,3,5,6,7.
  • Head up means a one-on-one duel.
  • Key Card means a card that can be converted to a card in the hand as a large suit.
  • Kojak means JK card.
  • Low pair means low pair cards such as 22, 33.
  • Off suit means that the cards in the hand are not of the same suit.
  • Pocket card means having a pair of cards in hand.
  • Pot Odds refers to the probability of a different set of UFABET cards drawn.
  • Shot handed means a table with only 2 – 3 players left.
  • Suit card means cards that are in the same suit.
  • Top pair means the highest pair after the flop.
  • Win rate means the chance of winning.