How to play poker to feel the best

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One Thing That Clearly Distinguishes Poker From Other Sports Is That The Level Of Opponents We Have Matched With. For Example, In Soccer, Each Team Will Play Against Their Opponents Of The Same Level Based On Their Respective Leagues. Boxers Are Paired With Competitors Of Similar Weight. But In Poker We Usually Focus On Players Who Are Weaker Than Us.

How to play poker to feel the best

But It Wasn’t Always Smooth. Because If You Get Money Too Easily By Playing With Very Weak People. Ultimately, It Destroys Your Development And Gameplay Boundaries. In Fact, It’s The Feeling Of Challenge That Plays A Big Part In Making You Feel Like You’re Playing In The “Zone.” One Of The Most Popular Theories About Zone. Is From Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Hungarian Professor Of Psychology And Author Of Flow. The Psychology Of Optimal Experience, A Book On The Psychology Of Experiencing The Best. He Explains That Being In A Zone Or In A Flow State Is When People Are Obsessed And Enjoying What They Are Doing. Trying To Achieve This State There Has To Be A Balance Between Using Your Skills And The Challenge Of What You Do UFABET.

The Image Below Illustrates The Relationship Between Skill And Challenge.

As You Can See, If You’re Taking On More Skills And Challenges. The More You Are In The Zone, However, For An Underdog Player (Skill May Be A Bit Low) In A Very Difficult And Challenging Game. Stress May Occur Instead Of Flow And Vice Versa. If You Are Good At Playing Or Very Skilled Then Go Play In A Simple Game That Is Not Challenging. You Will Also Get Bored Instead Of Flow.