Carragher analyzes the moment of Manchester United’s red card in the defeat to FC Copenhagen.

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher raises the flag to side with Manchester United, saying that Marcus Rashford’s pumping moment in the 3-4 loss to Copenhagen must not have been a red card at all.

Carragher analyzes the moment of Manchester United's red card in the defeat to FC Copenhagen.

Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool defender, raised the flag in favor of Manchester United pointing out Marcus Rashford ‘s timing of pumping the ball in the 3-4 loss to Copenhagen, match 4 of the group stage. UEFA Champions League on Wednesday must not be a red card at all. Similar to the shot of Curtis Jones stomping on Spurs’ Yves Bissouma, the slow motion makes it look more violent than it really is.

After the referee’s VAR check, Rashford was sent off with a red card and Manchester United, who were leading 2-0, were tied 2-2 before the end of the first half. and finally lost 3-4 to remain bottom of Group A.

Carragher commented that at this moment Rashford should not have received a red card. When there was no intention of playing harshly against the opponent, similar to Jones stomping on Bissouma in the Premier League game between Liverpool and Spurs on 30 Sept.

“There’s no way it’s going to be a red card for Rashford. Hates slow motion. Both slow motion and still images That makes everything look 10x worse,” Carragher tweeted.

This is the opinion of the former Reds vice-captain. This is consistent with what Mark Halsey, former Premier League referee, stated that the entire VAR system must adjust its attitude. By having to stop holding on to still images. “In my opinion Slow motion and even slow motion video Often makes every tackle look worse than it really is.”

“You should look at the overall picture of the moment. and check it with real video The moment it happened in real time, not believing in still images. that sometimes easily deceives you”